Presentation of We Do Bees

We Do Bees is the first crowdfunding platform dedicated to beekeeping projects. The initial aim is to put in contact and support on the web of beekeeping project leaders, both associative and entrepreneurial, in the field of beekeeping, the protection and safeguarding of bees, the maintenance of biodiversity, the setting up of apiaries schools, the development of apitherapy with people wishing to support and help these projects.

Independent consultant for more than 10 years for various clients such as major accounts, VSEs and SMEs as well as numerous start-ups as a consultant specialized in growthhacking, webmarketing, media strategies, web referencing and digital marketing, Luc Moussier decides to launch a new project. For him, the French entrepreneur has chosen to merge two subjects that were close to his heart and for which his skills and experience are a real asset: the Internet and beekeeping.

With the support of René Berrini, beekeeper and president of the association created in 2005 “Les Apiculteurs Réunis”, Luc M. gave birth to We Do Bees. Taking over the system of participatory financing platforms and applying it to beekeeping projects and the protection of bees, the platform wants to dust off the market by positioning itself as an alternative for the various development and implementation strategies of projects in the field of beekeeping and bee protection. With this mechanism, We Do Bees offers project leaders an alternative financing solution.

In addition to offering a solution that is different from that of traditional crowdfunding and project management platforms, We Do Bees wants to take advantage of the growing interest of the general public in beekeeping projects and bee protection.

Launched on 1 January 2019, the bet is bold. However, to free itself and stand out, the We Do Bees platform’s main missions are to promote and enable the development of beekeeping projects, to support programs for the protection and preservation of bees and biodiversity, and to develop and promote apitherapy and the benefits of hive products, so that everyone, wherever they are, can benefit from them.

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